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KABC publish the newsletter named “Korea Brief” which introduces Korea’s political, economic issues with the outlook of the Korean peninsula.

You can be understanding the various outlooks of Korea by Month in Review and related statistics.

Also, KABC supply the “Asia Pacific Executive Brief” published by IMA Asia that contained the outlook of Asia countries.

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The organisation that anticipates change and is always ready  (something odd about the character which breaks up “organisation”)

We are always awake, quickly understands the value of information, and always thinks about and prepares strategies to respond to it.


KABC has extensive experience in strategic studies, change management, and mergers and acquisitions.

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We regard ourselves as masters of Korean statistics which comes from macroeconomic as well as microeconomic work.

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KABC provides information services to foreign companies operating in Korea and foreign governments in Korea.

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KABC provides regular events including KBF and adhoc events and briefings about Korea

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