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KABC is known above all for its forums in which a real interface dialogue is developed through the moderating skills of the managing director of KABC.

The monthly KBF has about 70 members from foreign, and Korean companies as well as embassies.

The “Second Chance Breakfast” is particularly valued by those who missed the main event or want a small group discussion on the topic of the month.

KABC also holds ad-hoc forums and conferences on change management, the current economic outlook and briefings on Korea.

Korea Business Forum

There is a place where CEO’s, top and middle managers, diplomats and business people gather to discuss, understand and implement knowledge for doing business in Korea in the 21st century.

Top of its kind, the Korea Business Forum is managed by KABC. A key contributor to the largest network for market expertise conferences in Asia, this forum is held in Seoul, with counterparts taking place regularly in Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, India, and Australia. As one of our members, you can participate in any one of these conferences at any time.

Large, medium and small-sized local and foreign companies, diplomatic missions and non-profit organizations all converge at the Grand Hyatt Seoul every third Thursday of the month, for a breakfast rich in expert research knowledge sharing, dynamic discussions of current market issues in Korea, business trends and strategic advice. Although the conference is held only in English, participants are from many different countries.

Members of the Korea Business Forum enjoy the advantage of networking with other like-minded active business people and nesting opportunities from within attendants.  Newcomers and old hands gather to understand what Korea has to offer to those who lead its business reality.

Korea Business Forum Programme 2021

21 January 2021

The Covid Economy in Korea, and the Post Covid Economy

18 February 2021

The Biden presidency and Korea’s 2021-2022 trajectory

18 March 2021

Why are we here?  Foreign companies in Korea in 2021

15 April 2021

How are Korean companies changing through digitalisation?  A dialogue

20 May 2021

The export rebound and the domestic slowdown

17 June 2021

Chaebol Covid Transformations

15 July 2021

The Housing market in Korea, trends, policies, prospects and regional issues | provisional

19 August 2021

Budget Meeting: Prospects for 2022-2023

16 September 2021

Managing a Foreign Company in Korea in Q3 2021

21 October 2021

Economic Impact of Korea’s demographic development | provisional

18 November 2021

Korea’s Off-shore World – the Changing Structure of Production | provisional

16 December 2021

Cop 26 and Korea’s Green Deal reconsidered

* Subject should be changed by members’ request or importance.