KABC is a consulting firm headed by foreigners which has been in business since 1989, specialising in the problems faced by foreigners conducting business in Korea and in Northeast Asia, and by Northeast Asians in developing their business in the rest of the world.

KABC will walk you through the process effectively, as it has done with many Fortune 500 companies and local, smaller companies, who are now doing profitable business in Korea and the region. As a business consultancy we do not leave you with a report, but work with your staff to provide all the solutions need for success.

At KABC, alliances are central to our strategy, our client service business, and the way we deliver value to our clients. Our network of AXP members provide knowledge and capabilities that complement our own, whether by enhancing a specialised service offering, assessing various regional markets, or helping us extend our services to new geographies.

These relationships enable us to deliver market-leading insights and innovative solutions that meet our clients’ diverse business needs.

For our clients, becoming a Fortune 500 business doesn’t require fortune telling. It requires assertive decision-making and market expertise, the elements KABC combines to bring value many times worth your investment.



KABC Ltd does not advertise, and generally clients come through the recommendation of other clients or business advisors.

What clients like about KABC Ltd is the personal engagement and enthusiasm of the staff, and the feeling that they are the only client that KABC has at the moment, which is reflected in the ability of the company to get heavily involved in the basics of business and not just high level strategy.

Over the years, KABC Ltd has provided the resources to allow companies to promote, distribute, sell, train their staff in new businesses and to develop new ideas and new strategies and implement them.

Between 6 and 45 staff work for the company depending on the project load, with specialist teams assembled on a“needs” basis.



A client does not need a consultant all the time, but when one is needed, then the consulting service is normally needed in a hurry.

Over 26 years a number of Fortune 500 companies have come back to KABC Ltd 4 or 5 times over the years. Managers who have moved company, and find that their Korean operation needs improvement have also come back to KABC for further services.

The company’s range of experience in so many fields, and in the generic problems of Korea makes it hard to match. Equally we are known as a consultancy of last resort and for being the first to innovate new practices in Korea, or the only company that can create a sustainable solution.

Price is also a consideration. Many clients have felt that they get big name quality consulting for a quarter of the price. KABC Ltd usually undertakes assignments which are well below the minimum price of its larger brethren.



More and more the interesting potential of being in Korea is to assist its companies outwards to the rest of the world.

KABC Ltd continues to assist Korean companies seeking advice on how to develop their business overseas in Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa and Europe. KABC Ltd is therefore extending its range of contacts throughout the world and conducting research or projects on behalf of companies on a global basis – this means redefining the network in an age of social networking executives now suffer from information overload and the ability to condense complex issues into concise summaries remains important as the global economy changes.

KABC Ltd is changing its Chaebol Information service to develop this market need What is on the web everyone can know, but what is not on the web is what executives need to know and KABC Ltd plans to develop more off-line dialogues.