Korea Business Forum Programme

Programme in 2022

COVID-19 Information

In accordance with the current quarantine regulations of the Korean government and the situation of COVID-19, regular sessions of the Korea Business Forum and Second Chance Korea Business Forum sessions are conducted based on online meetings. It can be turned into an offline meeting or a hybrid meeting, the same for any other event.  Please refer to the invitation sent to members each month for the confirmed meeting format.

20 January 2022 (Thursday)

Online Seminar

17 February 2022 (Thursday)

Online Seminar

17 March 2022 (Thursday)

Online Seminar

21 April 2022 (Thursday)

Hybrid Meeting

19 May 2022 (Thursday)

Hybrid Meeting

16 June 2022 (Thursday)

Hybrid Meeting

21 July 2022 (Thursday)

Hybrid Meeting

18 August 2022 (Thursday)

Korea Economy in 2023-2024

Online Meeting

15 September 2022 (Thursday)

Korea’s economic future between the USA and China

Online Meeting

20 October 2022 (Thursday)

How Korea is weathering the current global crisis

Hybrid Meeting

17 November 2022 (Thursday)

Korea’s Economy in Q4 and Korea’s Energy Prospects 2022-2024

Hybrid Meeting

15 December 2022 (Thursday)

Did Korea do well in 2022?

Online Meeting

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