A strong practice built up over the years is market sizing and forecasting, either as part of a larger project or a standalone project.

We regard ourselves as masters of Korean statistics which comes from macroeconomic as well as microeconomic work. Our economic forecasts are used by a number of companies and supplied to our KBF members.

KABC believes in bespoke research and not in fitting your problem to our model. We have a wide range of methodologies available based on 22 years of researching and consulting in Korea and Northeast Asia’s rapidly changing conditions. Where the research focuses around a particular issue, we particularly recommend considering our forensic research method, as opposed to the commonly used methodology which is extrapolated from consumer research.

We have sized the market for elevators, plasterboard, cosmetics, imported cars, construction equipment, specialist products from pet food to dermatological skincare, from whisky through milk to wine. We have also studied air travelers to specific markets, numbers of tourists, purchasers of life insurance, nonlife insurance, and specialist products. A simpler statement is that if something can be sold, we have studied it and produced estimates of the market size.

For most clients, we have produced forecasts for these markets, and for a select number we have developed forecasting models with a quarterly or monthly deliverable.